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اخبـــار و گــزیده مطالب اوج ایر
برای اطلاع از فروش پاراگلایدر و لوازم جانبی پرواز دست دوم از بازارچه دیدن فرمایید .

Bali is our new intermediate wing for a large range of recreational pilots looking for a simple an easy to fly paraglider but with the highest performance in the market nowadays. The Bali excels in sink rate and handling making possible to clim in any thermal, even in rough air and with small and discontinued cores. All this combined with a super passive safety makes the Bali the best option for a maximum number of pilots. A lot of work and research has been placed in this new modern design and you will feel very confortable under it since minute one.

The superior glide and speed creates a new paradigm when flying against the wind and the stability of the new profile -much thinner than in our previous models- is simple amazing. You will be surprised when landing this wing since the Bali wants to stay in the air forever. The brakes are very light and the wing is responding immediately to brake input without any delay and brake travel is very long and very forgiving.

The unique line set up we have created and the rods of the rigid foil system is saving a lot of lines. With only two bottom lines and a special short cascade in the bottom sail the Bali is probably a record holder for line consumption. Also brake attachment point are 50% less than in our previous model making the total line length to only 220m in the 28 size. No one can match this number at the moment. So with only an aspect ratio of 5.6 (imagine that our previous B glider -the Zenith- had 6.0 AR) you can have the same performances as some top C class wing or some competition paragliders flown not so many years ago.

Bali is probably the best glider we have ever designed in twenty years and we are very proud of that.


> New pilot position under the wing. The A row and the B row are located to the rear, toward the trailing edge. This radical change improves the handling and the glider banks much less with little brake input improving the sink rate in thermals.

> The wing is equipped with a rigid foil “rods" in the leading edge and also wires in the C lines to make a cleaner and smoother surface improving take off behavior and internal pressure at maximum speed.

> Miniribs on trailing edge improving turns at low speed and ensure improved form drag. The optimised brake gathering system makes pressure light and reduces drag special when flying at speed.

> Optimized construction in all details such as SBS leading edge battens, socket Velcro for debris/sand cleaning, puffy handles equipped with swivels or special coating in competition lines form that reduce parasite drag to a minimum and improve material fatigue over the long term.

> New coating in the fabric from NCV in top and bottom surface guarantees a long life and great weariness and porosity results after many hours of flying.

> Strong lines from Edel-Rid so you don’t have to retrim the paraglider in many hours. All bottom lines are sheathed making possible to take off in rocky places.

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